Privacy and Security in Social Media:
An International Perspective

With increase in the usage of the Internet, there is an exponential increase in the use of social media on the Internet. Websites like Facebook, YouTube, Orkut, Twitter, Flickr, and likes have changed the way that Internet has been used. There is a lack of understanding of privacy and security issues on the online social media among the Internet users using these online services. There is a big need to study and characterize the privacy and security of social media from various perspectives (computational, cultural, psychological, etc.). Since there is no logical boundaries for the social media, it is important to study the problem from an international perspective too.

Objectives of the workshop

To bring researchers around the world together and share their views on privacy and security on online social media. To actively develop research collaborations among participants attending the workshop. To look at privacy and security of online social media from an international stand point. The workshop is expected to be a small gathering of people interested in this topic.

Confirmed Speakers

Prof. Mark Crovella Boston University, US 
Prof. Sue Moon KAIST, South Korea 
Dr. Balachander Krishnamurthy AT&T, US 
Prof. Claudia Diaz Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium 
Dr. Daniele Quercia University of Cambridge, UK 
Prof. Virgilio A. F. Almeida UFMG, Brazil 
Prof. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru IIIT Delhi, India 
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January 18 & 19, 2011

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Auditorium of FACE (School of Economics), UFMG

Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Faculdade de Ciências Econômicas da UFMG - FACE/UFMG

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